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Gone are the days of joining a gym and training relentlessly for hours on mechanical
Equipment that when used improperly can increase the risk of injury due to lack of
Supervision, which is only available when a member pays for packages of personal
Training sessions in addition to their membership.  

Fortunately under CBC’s Group Fitness Coaching plan which includes a Certified
Personal Trainer (GFC-QPT) and Personal Training (PT) programs - every member gets quality,
supervised training that firts their needs and helps attain their health and fitness goals.

At CBC we guarantee that no member is left to train by themselves and unsupervised.
And unlike traditional group classes which can range from 20 or more students
exercising in a crowded studio or gym with no quality time dedicated to addressing
important coaching variables such as maintaining proper posture, good body
mechanics and the individual adjustment of intensity.  CBC’s small GFC sessions of 2-10
participants allows for effectively addressing those variables.

This small GFC-PT method provides the same benefit as you would with a 1 to 1 session, but for
a fraction of the cost.

Compare the prices yourself and enjoy your savings for a well earned day of rest after
your training.